Die Rosengasse

Bavarian hospitality at its best

A thousand myths entwine around the Rosengasse, where the Gassenbach stream plunges into the valley and the great Thraiten mountain rises up protectively to form its wall.

In 1926, Georg Waller, our great-grandfather, acquired the Rosengasse and gradually developed the alpine pasture into a mountain inn, even with its own hydroelectric power station! He also built the chapel with his own hands, in gratitude for the fact that all three of his sons were allowed to return home safely from the Second World War.

His eldest son Georg continued to develop the Rosengasse and especially the ski business. He also built the bridge that forms the access road from Oberaudorf.

In the third generation, his son Klaus took over the business and expanded it to include holiday flats and infrastructure.

Completely new at the time, the Rosengasse is now fully in line with the trend - thanks to the Gassenbach stream, it is 100% self-sufficient in green electricity. Even the drinking water comes from the own spring directly above the Rosengasse. Sustainability for generations.